“You’ve got two kinds of people. The ones who believe, and the ones who don’t."

In my years of experience I’ve noticed the photography world is such a broad world. You meet people, clients and places with different stories. Some reveal themselves just by looking, others need to be searched. I started out with photographing flowers and landscapes, the usual. After a little while I discovered that wasn’t a thing I liked to do the most. Generally I started working on bigger projects, the first being together with Mark van Velsen. After that I started to do much more. I developed contacts, gained experience and travels I wouldn’t have done without my camera. I know what it’s like to be in front of the camera, as well as behind it. I think it gives me a better understanding towards my models, telling them my ideas and working out the image as planned. I am no where near finished learning, but that’s okay. I want to learn, together with other awesome people who want to learn as well. In the past I have worked with so much awesome models, talented Makeup Artists and many designers who made sure everything was according to plan. I try to make my work as personal as I can, every image is a little part of me in some way or another. Want to join my journey? 

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